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New Look !

August 16, 2011

This past weekend I took a huge step in beautifying myself.  Well, a huge step for me.  I had my hair professionally high lighted for the first time EVER!  While this may not seem like a big deal to most of you out there, it’s a ginormous deal for me.  Here’s why:

I was born with red hair, a unique-ish shade of red.  For as long as I can remember, people have been telling me things like, “never dye it until you have to, honey!” and “people pay so much money trying to get that color, but it just doesn’t come out of a bottle!”

( Yes, that’s a 2 year old version of me with my mom.  And yes, I am still nearly bald at the age of 2. )

Of course what people told me went in one year and out the other.  When I was 18 and going through my rebellious stage, I decided that I was sick of standing out and dyed my hair black.  Myself.  With store bought dye.  Big, huge, gigantic mistake.  Now I stood out more because I looked like I was wearing a bad wig, my roots looked like fire (and came in quick, let me tell you), and it was impossible to go back to my natural color without destroying my hair (you know where this is going).  So once I decided I was done with the bad wig, I had the color stripped twice, bleached, and chopped a good 8 inches off.  Needless to say, my hair was destroyed.

( Right before the bad wig. )

( The bad wig, and bad attitude I might add. )

( On the road to hair recovery.  The make up is a whole other issue, I know.)

(I would like to add that my hair became even shorter than the above picture, I was just too embarrassed to have any pictures of myself taken at the time.)  Fast forward 4 years, and my hair is long – ish, and back to it’s natural color again.  Thank God.  Then a co-worker, who also happens to do hair, tells me I should get highlights.  I pretty much ran screaming in the opposite direction for a good few months.   She finally convinced me though, and I have to say that I’m pleased with the results (which were very subtle per my request).  What do you think?

What’s the moral of the story, you ask?  Don’t dye your hair from a box.  And ease into the dying process, or you’ll end up with a bad wig like I did.

[ all photos – Kristen Paulson for A Kup of Sunshine ]

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