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Hi there!  You probably wandered over to this tab because you were curious about me and what made me start this bit.  So here we have it…

A little bit about me:

I’m Kristen.  I grew up in the North East and ended up in settling down in the tundra…I mean midwest.  I’m a wannabe city gal living in the country because I married a country bumpkin (my other K).  We have a (big) dog, Lucy, who drives me crazy.  Still, it’s hard to hate her with a face as cute as hers.

Since I’m still undecided about what I want to do with my life – career wise – I’m (still) going to school, hoping that I’ll magically fall into my niche if I just go with the flow of opportunities that are thrown at me.  For now, I’m enjoying my freedom of having a “dead end” job and being a student.  While I don’t want to do it forever, it’s liberating for the time being.

I should warn you readers – I write like I speak.  So, I throw in a lot of random words like “um, so, er”.  Also, I tend to write in run-ons and way over use commas (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) – excuse me in advance.

A little bit about the blog:

I decided to write this blog so that I would have a place to organize all of my ideas.  For the longest time I kept folders of pictures of things I liked from magazines or websites, journals, post its with random ideas, etc. and it all started to feel so cluttered.  (I hate clutter and disorganization.)

My original thought was to keep this blog as a place strictly to house my ideas on fashion, etiquite, beauty, fashion, organizing, etc.  I figured this would be especially helpful during the (very, very long) Minnesota winters because it would give me something to focus on that I enjoy.  Then I decided that I would just make it about things that bring me happiness, with hopes of passing it on.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I have putting it all together.  Thanks for stopping by!


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